Learning Opportunities

I have had the privilege of teaching geology, and environmental science classes for nearly 12 years.  Exposing students to the wonder of the Earth, and the natural world is one of my passions.  I would like to offer this same opportunity of learning, and discovery here as well.  I would like your input about  the types of courses you would be interested in.  Here are a few that I plan to be offering soon, please help me add to the list.  =)

1. What is a fossil?  This course would include fossil collecting field trips.

2. Rocks, what good are they?  This course will take participants through a discussion of the three different types of rocks, again including field trips to observe, identify, and collect some samples.

3.  The Power of Ice – The Ice Age of New York State.  This course will discuss the Pleistocene Epoch, also known as the “Ice Age,” and how it sculpted the landscape of New York State, how the flora, and fauna (including humans) adapted (or failed to adapt) to changing conditions, and what it means for the future residents of New York.  Once again, this course would include field trips to observe the effects that these great ice sheets have had on the state.

4. Climate Change – Real or Imagined?  In this course we will take a look at the evidence for global climate change, and analyze the evidence for global warming.  We will discuss what this may mean for the future of human society, as well as the natural world, and will discuss what can be done about climate change, and how we move forward into the future while being confronted with change.

This will get us started, and I wanted to get you thinking about things you may want to learn about, so please leave a comment, send me an e-mail, join my mailing list, and share your ideas with me, and lets have some fun with this.  =)










Author: Mark

Geologist (paleontologist), online educator, natural historian living in Central New York State with my wife, and teenage daughter. Enjoying, and camping in the Adirondack Mountains.