Exploring the Central New York Geology

Spent the day with a small group of students who joined me on a cold, blustery Saturday to hike, and explore some of the local geology.  Our first stop, is one of my favorite locations for taking first year geology students.  Clark Reservation State Park offers a terrific variety of geological processes, and materials for students to observe first hand.  I hear the comments all the time that it really is such a difference observing these things in the flesh, rather than just from books, or the Internet – of course!  We then stopped at a road cut near Pompey Center, New York to collect Mid0Devionian marine fossils, and then off to hike around Tinker Falls to observe the disconformity present, and to take a hike up to the hang glider launch site.  A good day was had by all, and I am always especially excited about sharing my knowledge of the natural world with those who are truly curious, and intrigued by it.  It is a definite happy place for me.  =)


Tinker Falls2 Tinker Falls



Author: Mark

Geologist (paleontologist), online educator, natural historian living in Central New York State with my wife, and teenage daughter. Enjoying, and camping in the Adirondack Mountains.